Welcome to Joslin’s web site. We are glad you are here! And as her team we are proud and excited to announce that Joslin is now offering AUDIO BOOK MOVIES that are being made from some of her children’s books! To view a clip from the MOVIES . And to order the one of a kind animated AUDIO BOOK MOVIES, that are 20 minutes long. And to listen to some of her books that are being read to your child just send Joslin an email at jjoslin3 Subject line MOVIES. And Joslin will respond to you within 24 hours telling you how to buy these special DVDS that are only $10.00. That are only available with this author. Then check back here, Because more cute children’s books, and cool MOVIES will be coming soon!


Please enjoy these TWO COOL MOVIE CLIPS! To be clear, these are not book trailers. These are two unique audio MOVIE SNEAK PEEKS that have been taken directly out of Joslin’s popular books. A GREAT AMAZING PLAYDAY. And A FUNNY FLUFFY PUPPY. The movies are each 20 minutes long. Each movie shows the entire book, while the story is being read to your child by a retired European Actress. And these DVDS are only Available through this author! But remember these MOVIES are not meant to take place of the books. Because the writing in the MOVIES will not always be clear since the animation will be moving over the words. So to read the story… just buy the book. But to listen to the story being read to your child…..ENJOY THE MOVIE!

NOTE: JUST TURN YOUR PHONE SIDEWAYS TO GET FULL VIEW OR ENTER FULL SCREEN ON YOUR DEVICE!!! And to start the MOVIE CLIP or to MOVE the video just lightly touch Joslins face.

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The Moral to the Story is.…. RULES ARE COOL! 

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Circles Legacy Series


The Latest from Joslin’s Blog:


    "Good Morning world. On your Wild Ride of life, are you ready for the Bubble to Pop? And that’s an interesting LIFE AND DEATH coming apart at the seams question… that I seem to ask a lot. Because that’s a SOUL SAVING coming apart at the seams question, that has to do with the words SURVIVAL, RUBBLE, TROUBLE, and Hot. So, making that LIFE ENDING and TIME BEGINNING inquiry, that has everything


    "Good Morning world. Have you ever had to Climb Out of the Rubble? And that’s another good lead in SURVIVAL question for me to you ask on the double. Because, thats yet another good LIFE SAVING inquiry that will make Sure you are going in the Right direction, so you can STAY OUT OF TROUBLE! And, all of the ABOVE will always be good to know so you wont stumble or keep crying. Because, with the


    "Good morning world. Will there be an End to EVERYTHING? And thinking about the arriving VIRUSES, DISEASES, VIOLENCE, LIES, HURRICANES, TORNADOS, and TORNados calling your name. WITH SOMETHING OUT TO GET YOU EVERYDAY! Do you really Believe that there will be an End to EVERYTHING coming? And asking you that EVERYTHING question Again! While searching for the START OF SOMETHING LIFE CHANGING


    “Good morning World. What do you think about when I say Tornados, TORNados, Funnels and Tunnels? So, knowing that most of us are now in a TORNADO season that’s full of Black Tunnels. Likewise knowing that there are still a few of you trapped in a TORNado as well. Also realizing that just yesterday a really BIG BAD TORNADO FUNNEL and TORNado did some severe damage and caused even more deaths.


    "Good morning world. Have you ever been on a Wild Ride? And asking you yet another Life and Death SURVIVAL question, that has to do with the Other Side. Now, I am wondering in review, day and night. While FOLLOWING THE CLUES of Time. Thinking about things that are similar or different for you. WHAT HAPPENED ON YOUR WILD RIDE OF LIFE! So, knowing that we have all been on a WILD RIDE!

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Being a Christian and also a professional children’s book writer, artist and author. I believe faith, writing, and Art are songs of the heart. So just as words paint a story, and become a poetic picture in a book to praise The Lord…  I see that a canvas becomes living poetry, as it too comes to life in the same picturesque way.
So I strive every day to be an artist of words, a painter of life and a follower of faith.
– Mary Fitzgerald Joslin /(Author Joslin Fitzgerald)