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NOTE: This MOVIE TRAILER was not professionally made and was recorded directly off of a big screen TV!!  Therefore this trailer does not have the movies professional clarity.


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The Moral to the Story is.…. RULES ARE COOL! 

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NOTE: This movie trailer was not professionally made and was recorded directly off of a big screen TV!!  Therefore this trailer does not have the movies professional clarity.


Circles Legacy Series



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Being a Christian and also a professional children’s book writer, artist and author. I believe faith, writing, and Art are songs of the heart. So just as words paint a story, and become a poetic picture in a book to praise The Lord…  I see that a canvas becomes living poetry, as it too comes to life in the same picturesque way.
So I strive every day to be an artist of words, a painter of life and a follower of faith.
– Mary Fitzgerald Joslin /(Author Joslin Fitzgerald)